In the modern, multi-disciplinary working environment, it is expected that employees are constantly upskilling and adapting to changing technology. Employers seek policy analysts who are also skilled in programming and data analysis, and this course offered the perfect opportunity for me to broaden my skillset.

As a total coding beginner, Giles explained the foundations of R in a way that was easily understandable. He also ensured that the content was relatable and useful for my field of work, and took the time to further explore areas that I found particularly interesting.

Hannah Hughes: Policy Analyst, Sydney, Australia.

“I attended version 1 of Giles’ course in Sydney and as somebody with no programming experience, I felt it had just the right mix of theory and practical application to get me started and keep me interested. I liked that it was highly tailored to policy professionals, and working through realistic policy scenarios provided a good foundation in how to use programming to help me tackle common policy analysis problems.

It was also very logically set out which made it easy to follow and kept the course interesting as it jumped straight into practical applications of the code we learnt. The relaxed atmosphere and individual troubleshooting also meant it was very accessible and conducive to learning even though I had no background in programming!”

Shirisha Nampalli : Policy Analyst, Sydney, Australia.

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