Version 1 of the course, held at the Microsoft Reactor in Sydney, Australia.

Course Details:

The online version of the course taught the basics of the R programming language with a focus on applying its key tools to everyday scenarios faced in government, consulting and academia.

What Was Covered:

The course will run for six weeks, be project based and invite participants to work with buddies on projects that teach concepts such as: 

  • The fundamentals of programming and R – which will cover just enough of the theory to get you doing cool stuff with R.
  • Exploratory analysis – how to quickly understand the basics of a dataset and use programming to explore policy questions. 
  • Data cleaning – which will show how we can work with, and clean messy, data to make it useful for analysis.
  • Data visualization and presenting results – how to communicate your analysis through modern data visualization, graphics and statistical summaries.
  • Automation and reproducibility – practical tips to use R programming to automate repetitive tasks and enhance reproducibility.

What Was Needed to Participate:  

  • A willingness to learn and give us honest and open feedback (so we learn too!).
  • At least one other person to work with to complete group activities in the course.
  • A basic understanding of data analysis and computers (eg can use a formula in excel to calculate the average of something). 
  • A computer with R and R studio installed (Mac, Windows or Linux).

What Wasn’t Needed to Participate:  

  • Any programming experience: We’re going to start from the basics and go from there 🙂
  • A phd in applied mathematics: We don’t have one, so why should you?

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